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Domestically Disabled to Holistic Health Coach

For most of my adult life, my fridge contained of a healthy balance of yogurt and beer. I always managed to get invited for dinners or have a significant other that would cook for me. My favorite meal of the day would be dessert (and still is btw). I embraced the Swedish tradition of Fika (coffee and a treat) several times a day. The joke with my friends was that I was “domestically disabled” and really had no business in the kitchen whatsoever. This lifestyle supported me until I was 35 years old and I literally collapsed and fell down a set of stairs during a photo assignment in Kenya.

Turns out you can’t live on coffee, treats and yoghurt for all of eternity. With countless deficiencies, ulcers and an active Epstein Barr infection, I spent three months in bed recovering. Always being curious of alternative medicine, I sought out help with Acupuncture, muscle testing, chiropractic, meditation and nutrition. This was the beginning of my recovery, and now love, for wellness from the inside out.

“The greatest wealth is health”


Once I found out I was going to become a mother, I knew I had to up my health game, and studied with IIN for two years which resulted in a Holistic Health Coach degree with extra knowledge in Gut- and Hormonal Health. The knowledge I have gained at IIN ranges from hormonal imbalances and thyroid health to the link between hormones and gut health and the impact of stress on the digestive system. At this point in my life I know that there is no such Blessing as the gift of Health 🙂 Keep and eye out on my Instagram and Blog where I share some of my favorite Health and Wellness tips and stories.

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IIN- Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Once a small classroom in NYC, IIN is now the largest nutrition school in the world. Through its innovative online learning platform, Integrative Nutrition provides a global learning experience for ~100,000 students and graduates in over 150 countries worldwide. If you want to become a part of the Health Revolution, use the links below to learn more:

“Let’s build wellness rather than treating disease”

Dr. Bruce Daggy