my story

my story

Riding the Ho Chi Minh trail in Vietnam, 2011

A journey from fiercely independent world traveler to motherhood and beyond.

I was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden with dreams of becoming an actress and/or dancer. This may or may not have been the product of constantly wanted to be seen and heard among my three sisters. As far as I can remember, I swore I would NEVER have any kids (hello middle child complex). My love for traveling started in utero and was very lucky to have parents that piled all six of us into a station wagon (bless their patient hearts) and drove around Europe every summer. We visited Africa and I was sent to language school in England two years in a row. At age 19, I left for the US and didn’t look back.

My acting dreams took a turn somewhere in Mexico in 1999 when I got to borrow a 35mm Canon camera and that’s when the Swedish Vagabond was born. Photography became a passion that became a job. My profession as a photographer took me all around the world and I was the happiest when I was on a solo trip in a country far, far away. Preferably where no one had seen a white person before.

This kind of lifestyle doesn’t include much domestic work (if any) and my fridge was typically empty besides some beer and some yoghurt. I was the girl that would say: “All my friends are getting married and having kids, and all I can think about is what country I’m going to visit next”

However, life happens. A bad breakup. Meeting a new and emotionally available, equally travel interested man. Engagement. Death of my mother. A wedding. Signed up for a 2 year Health Coach program with IIN. And Yes, a pregnancy!!!

Viggo and I in Big Sky, MT

I am now a proud mother of Viggo; one energetic kiddo and a curious explorer! My pregnancy was challenging and I developed preeclampsia. Viggo was born in week 32 (2 months early) and we spend 5 weeks in the NICU. I ended up with severe postpartum depression and it took almost one year to come back to the 2.0 version of myself. This experience taught me so much about taking the time to heal from the inside out with help of nutrition, therapy, functional medicine and acupuncture.

Somehow my wander lusting heart didn’t slow down during that time and we managed to visit five countries, get on 28th flights, do two road trips and hike in Yosemite as well as visit beautiful Big Sky Montana three times by the time Viggo turned 18months old; Hello SwedishVagaMom!

Quarantine however, has slowed us down, and I’ve been taking this time to create a space where I can share some of my experiences, tips and resources on this insanely amazing and fun (and equally maddening and scary) journey of motherhood.

My little guy is always up for an adventure!

With Grace and Gratitude from Encinitas, CA

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